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Summer rural landscape - ID:2014

Landscape of a countryside summer field

Landscape of a countryside summer field stock photo
Landscape of a countryside summer field

summer, landscape, meadow, scenery, season, countryside, country, rural, land, field, agriculture, crops

Photo ID: 2014

This is a high resolution photo, taken with DSLR digital camera and top quality optics, carefully edited and corrected.
To enjoy the rich colors and high dynamic range of this picture, using a high quality properly calibrated display is recommended.

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Quality: JPG File - Original
Dimensions: 4992(px) x 2796(px)
Megapixels: 13.96
Print Size:
@72DPI = 69.33in x 38.83in
@150DPI = 33.28in x 18.64in
@300DPI = 16.64in x 9.32in
File Size: 7.44(mb)
Price: $45.00

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Additional Info:
Nikolay Stefanov Dimitrov BG
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